Allée Papillon (Butterfly Alley)

112th -112th Langley (east side alley)

This was started as a project to renovate an unpaved alley which was in very tough condition, full of debris, weeds and mud. We began by digging and sifting out buried trash, in a border along the eastern railroad fence, which we planted with perennials and native species. At that point the city inexplicably decided to pave the entire length with asphalt. We appealed to our alderman, making a case that the area behind the existing playground did not need to be a thoroughfare, and the city then removed the paving again. The space is now planted throughout with mainly hardy natives, an effort to withstand the annual drift of herbicide used on the adjacent railway property. A 400 foot central mulched path was established with a donation of Intelligentsia coffee bean burlap bags overlaid by woodchips.